Quantum computing to lead the way on Earth and in space

Quantum Computing Shaun Wilson

Australian startup Quantum Brilliance have devised a way to use synthetic diamonds to build quantum accelerators. In the near future, the commercialisation of this technology could mean that supercomputers won’t need a large footprint in a temperature controlled environment. The desktop-sized accelerator could eventually be shrunk small enough to fit on a mobile device, in a car, or even embedded in a satellite in low Earth orbit.

In a show of support for the technology, Quantum Brilliance have secured A$13 million in seed funding through a consortium of investors led by Main Sequence Ventures and the founders of QxBranch, the Australian quantum services company acquired by Rigetti.

Shoal founder, Shaun Wilson, is one of the QxBranch founders, a consortium of serial entrepreneurs and tech investors.

“Shoal is very pleased to be a part of the quantum ecosystem and to continue to support the development of innovative ‘deep tech’ companies such as a Quantum Brilliance”.

Quantum Computing at the Orbital Edge

Quantum Computing at the Orbital Edge


Shaun Wilson is part of the QxBranch founders’ consortium representing serial entrepreneurs and former Macquarie Bankers investing in advancing Australia’s sovereign capabilities including quantum computing, space and defence innovations and critical minerals. Shaun is the founder of Shoal Group, one of Australia’s leading systems engineering companies. In 2014, he founded QxBranch, a quantum computing software and services spin-out from Shoal Group that secured major clients across a variety of industries worldwide. QxBranch was acquired by Rigetti Computing in 2019.

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