Shoal at the 25th annual INCOSE International Symposium held in Seattle, WA

INCOSE’s International Symposium is the largest annual gathering of systems engineers, where it promotes international collaboration in systems engineering practice, education, and research. Shoal were active participants at this year’s International Symposium (IS2015), contributing to the presentations, case studies, workshops, tutorials and panel discussions held over the four days of the symposium. Shoal participants, Michael Waite and Tommie Liddy as well as our partners Anne O’Neil and Prof Stephen Cook took this opportunity to share ideas, network and contribute to the advancement of the systems engineering profession.

Recurring themes throughout IS2015 were industry collaboration and concept development. In accordance with those themes, Shoal team members participated in several industry-themed ‘round table’ events for transportation, infrastructure and healthcare. Shoal also used this opportunity be part of the Model-Based Conceptual Design Working Group which was run via teleconference by Shoal Chief Systems Engineer Dr David Harvey.