What could be the value of Sydney’s waste?

The search for two candidates to take on the coveted roles of Shoal 2022 Interns is now over.

Congratulations to Sarah Damin and Doan Nguyen who will be joining the team to undertake the Shoal Internship 2022.

After a 3-month search, watching many a video application and a shortlist series of interviews, we’re now set to welcome Sarah and Doan to our Adelaide team.

We invited students from universities across Australia interested in systems thinking ideation and innovation and modelling, who are in their penultimate university year to apply.

This year’s question ‘What could be the value of Sydney’s waste?’ saw some fantastic and thoughtful responses submitted in a short 60 second video.

Sarah and Doan responded with a standout application. Their pitch aims to decrease the number of people driving themselves into Sydney’s CBD. In an effort to free up time and increase individual productivity, they suggest the use of driverless cars, and encouraging more use of public transport with wifi. Sarah and Doan stated that (pre-COVID times) 1.2 million people commute into the Sydney CBD daily and spend 71 minutes in the process. They argue that this time could be best spent on self-care and being mindful, enriching commuters daily lives.

Pictured Sarah and Doan recording their winning video

About the interns

Our new interns are both studying double degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Adelaide. They pursued this opportunity with Shoal to further their systems engineering knowledge in a professional and real-world context.

Doan looks forward to expanding her systems engineering experience, with the capacity to meaningfully contribute to projects at Shoal, Sarah thrives in using her leadership and interpersonal skills to inspire others, while continuing to develop her own knowledge and peers. She is excited to showcase these capabilities and learn from the systems engineering expertise at Shoal.

About all of our applicants

Our top 5 universities included University of Adelaide, Monash University, University of Queensland and University of South Australia.

Universities where Interns applied from

From those universities, the top 5 courses studied include Aeronautical Engineering, Maths/Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Science.

Degrees applicants are studying

Shoal takes its internship seriously and commits to ensuring its interns are provided every opportunity to learn and enjoy the Shoal culture. We look forward to more applicants next year for our 2023 internship program.